bridalbeads (bridalbeads) wrote in allure_elite,

#026 - Voting

Thanks for entering! :)

> Vote for the 3/three best icons in order of preference, for example: #92, #57, #65.
(Vote for the best icons based on quality, not for their subjects, maker, picture used, etc.
Placing is based on number of votes.
In the case of a tie the icon with the most points wins the tie.
1st place choice gets 3 points, 2nd place 2 points, third place 1 point.)

> If you've entered you're expected to vote.
(If you haven't voted after 3-4 days, and one or more of your icons are placing, one vote and three points will be deducted from every icon you entered.)
> Don't vote for yourself, don't ask anyone to vote for you.
> Voting will last for at least 48 hours.
> Any questions or concerns, feel free to comment.

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